Scholium Technologies

Why make Arches Software-as-a-Service

Arches is the most powerful and flexible (and free) piece of software out there for managing information and maps. Both the community and the User Experience are rapidly evolving every day. Our goal is to enhance the quality of the software and grow the number of organizations using it.

The most common concern we hear from those who want to use Arches is that they either lack the technical skills needed to operate an application or they lack the budget to hire a consultant.

We are determined to make running Arches as affordble and accessible as possible.

How we began

The founders of Scholium Technologies met at a small liberal arts college in Santa Fe, NM where students read only the classics like Homer, Newton, and Emmanuel Kant. Years later, they worked together at a Silicon Valley startup doing large-scale geospatial image capture and processing. Scholium Technologies have a collective 20 years of experience in software development and product management.

Check out this Scholium on Place from Newton.