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Arches: Open Source and Free, Enhanced with Premium Managed Services

While the core Arches platform is and always will be open source and free, managing and operating it requires dedicated resources. Our managed services offer hassle-free solutions for a monthly fee, where we take care of implementation, operation, and security for your Arches server.

Example Bundles:

Price and Plan Flexibility

We fully anticipate that you may want to upgrade your plan with us. That's why you can switch anytime to paying a different monthly rate, or we'll pro-rate the total cost difference of an upgrade if you prepaid annually.

Take a look at our Standardized SaaS offerings

Product Features Description1 Cost (Monthly)2 Cost (Annual)

Basic Arches Instance on Shared Server
5 Logins to an Arches instance. Can create, import and share data with Standard Resource Models3. Includes comprehensive updates $60 $720

Arches Instance on Standard Private Server
Unlimited logins to your own Private Arches Instance. Create your own Resource Models, connect to your maps, and tailor functionality to your organization $200 $2,400

Arches Instance on Advanced Private Server
For more Advanced Implementations (High Traffic, Large Data), serviceable by 3rd party vendors $450 $5,400

Maintenance Support Plan
Get new Features and Technical fixes via Automatic upgrades4 $100 $1,200

Standard Support Plan
Includes assistance from real humans and 7-business-day Technical Issue Resolution On-Demand5 $200 $2,400

Robust Support Plan
Includes Assisted Data Import and 4-business-day Technical Issue Resolution On-Demand $350 $4,200

Custom Feature Technical Support
Support for any Customizations in your Implementation not part of Core Arches6 - $2,400

Major Upgrade
Upgrades your Arches instance to the next consecutive major version release7 - $1,000 one time fee

Looking for Enterprise-level Solutions?

Product Features Description What you Pay

Enterprise Setup
Set up Arches in the IT Ecosystem of your choice8, includes Organizational Branding & Styling $2,700 one time fee

Enterprise Support Plan
2-business-day Technical Issue Resolution On-Demand, Includes upgrades to major version releases, support for custom features, assisted data import & QA, white-glove Resource Model Design $1,000/month or

Custom Features
Request a quote for any custom features you'd like for your Arches instance

1 For full breakdown of each plan, see our Plans Matrix

2 All prices shown in USD. Advertised prices are subject to change by up to 15% on an annual basis. Active plan rates are guaranteed up to 3 years.

3 All data created under your plan is private and not visible to users outside of your plan's user group.

4 Upgrades limited to minor versions & patches as released per the Arches Release Schedule

5 "Technial Issue Resolution" in Standard and Robust Support packages applies to standard Arches functionality only unless combined with Custom Feature Support Add-on.

6 Active for 365 days from date of purchase; requires concurrent Support plan; limited to supporting existing custom functionality; development of novel custom features priced separately.

7 Good for 1 major version upgrade, including data migration; covers standard Arches functionality unless combined with Custom Feature Support Add-on; requires concurrent Support plan.

8 Does not include any operational costs associated with hosting Arches; one-time setup of Arches Application with tests, home page, branding, and styling; does not include assisted data import. Contact Us for a free consultation on hosting requirements and cost estimates.